Smooth surface of hornbeam wood
Open door
Rustic and natural
White hornbeam box
Legs on the bottom
Bark is protected
Handmade hornbeam box
Drawer and door
Back side
Antique wax finish

White hornbeam box



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I created this box out of white hornbeam wood log. Hornbeam is very hard and durable material that is also quite difficult to work on. But I managed to create nice box with one drawer on oval door on the right side. Bark of the wood is preserved with epoxy coating and wood itself with antique wax. Box dimensions are 18 x 9 11 cm (77.1 x 3.5 x 4.2 inches). Four legs made off branch cuts support the box. Very fine sanding brings out beauty of white hornbeam wood. Handle and door clasp are made of cast bronze with antique tone.

This rustic piece of nature is worked in detailed and carefully sanded. It may be a display piece on your shelf or excellent gift box for the one you love.

Materials used: White hornbeam, bronze

Finish: Antique wax

Additional information

Weight555 g
Dimensions24 × 15 × 17 cm


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