Protected with tung oil finish
Backside of my beech box
Three drawers
Beautiful gift
Cute little box
All drawers out
Keepsake box
The Beech Firewood Keepsake Box
Unique handmade wooden box
My beech wood box
Legs on the bottom side
Adorned with bronze cast handles

My Beech Firewood Keepsake Box



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My Beech Firewood Keepsake Box – a rustic and eco-friendly piece crafted from our very own fireplace firewood, making it as natural as can be. The sides have been meticulously sanded to a smooth finish, and the box features three drawers with sturdy metal handles, supported by four legs made from natural branches.

This box is not only visually stunning but versatile too – it can be filled with Christmas candies or gifted with a special piece of jewelry inside. It’s a thoughtful and beautiful gift for loved ones or family members. The size of the box is 6.7″ in length, 3.9″ in height, and 4.3″ in depth (17cm x 10cm x 11cm), making it the perfect addition to any modern or rustic room.

The Beech Firewood Keepsake Box is ideal for storing small items such as jewelry, accessories, keys, and candies. It’s a unique and exceptional piece that stands out, making it the perfect gift for wood enthusiasts. It’s a great option for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or as a rustic memory gift. It’s also a sustainable choice for those who prefer eco-friendly and recycled living.

Materials used: Beech wood, Bronze
Finish: Tung oil

Weight626 g
Dimensions23 × 16 × 17 cm


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