Three drawers, one hidden
Three drawers, lid and small door
Sturdy oak box
Practical present
Side view of wooden box
Oak wood organizer box
Oak box
Lid opened
Handmade with love
Handmade box of oak wood
Drawers pulled out
Front view
Bottom of the box
Backside, wood pattern
Bark is epoxy coated

Half oak log


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This handmade box is crafted from a half firewood log, with a carefully sanded front and back that reveal the colorful cross section of the slightly spalted oak wood. The box measures 25 cm wide, 14 cm high, and 11 cm deep (approximately 9.84 x 5.51 x 4.33 inches in imperial units). The lid on top opens to reveal one compartment, while the front features two drawers, one of which has a secret drawer inside. The right side of the box has small doors that lead to another compartment. The box is adorned with bronze cast handles and clasps in an antique tone, and the surface of the wood is protected with tung oil. The rustic beauty of this box makes it a fine piece of handiwork that would be a perfect gift or present.

Materials used: Oak wood, bronze
Finish: Tung oil

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Weight1140 g
Dimensions20 × 31 × 17 cm


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