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Beech wood box
Wood log box
Heart shaped
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Front of handmade beech log box

Beech Wood Heart


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We all have our little things and memories we keep at heart. Here you have handmade box made out of beech wood log that will hold and keep all those little secrets you have. One heart shaped drawer holds a secret compartment inside it. Box is made of single piece of beech firewood log and is supported on two oak wood legs. Slight spalting of beech gives it more authentic and rustic look. Handle is cast bronze with antique tone. Wood is protected with tung oil.

Box dimensions are:

  • 11 cm – 4.3″
  • 16 cm 6.3″
  • 12 cm – 4.7″

Materials use: Beech wood, Oak wood, Bronze

Finish: Tung oil

Additional information

Weight504 g
Dimensions17 × 22 × 18 cm


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