Each one is custom made
Height of 90 cm
Each composition is one of a kind
Spruce wood frame
Width of 100 cm
LED lights are optional
Wall art of birch branches
You can select frame color
Handmade wall art composition
Wall art positioned
Optional LED lights
Palisander finish
USB powered LEDs
White Birch Wall Art

90x100cm White Birch Wall Art

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I present my Birch Wall Display Shelf, featuring a stunning framed Birch Art piece that is 90 cm long , 100 cm high and adorned with seven Birch branches. The frame can also include an LED wire light in warm white, which can be customized upon request to suit your preferences, such as cool white or other options. You can select color finish of the frame.

Images of this creation are symbolic. You will receive a completely new and unique combination and settings of branches inside frame. Prior to shipping, I will provide you with photos of the branch positioning for your approval, ensuring that you are satisfied with the final creation.

I take pride in utilizing branches of already dead trees. Most of them have fallen down by heavy ice or strong winds in past years. As a result, each Birch log used in the display shelf is unique, with its own natural imperfections from laying in the woods for some time.

My commitment to sustainability is further reflected in my use of recycled spruce leftovers from sawmills. My production process takes approximately five working days to complete, after which your item will be dispatched. Depending on the custom process, you can expect to receive your Birch Wall Display Shelf within three to five working days.

The frame is made of spruce wood.

  • Length: 90 cm (35.4 inch) (7 birch logs)
  • Height: 100 cm (39.4 inch)
  • Depth: approximately 8 cm (3.1 inch)

There are two hangers on the back side of the frame, so ready to put on the wall.

Materials used: Birch wood, Spruce wood

Weight11000 g
Dimensions102 × 92 × 10 cm
Frame color

Natural, Black, Grey, White, Palisander, Light oak

LED lights

No lights, CR battery powered, USB powered, USB powered + powerbank ( only Europe)


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